The feeling
where you get hit
so hard in realizing
that you miss so many people
and no one
misses you.
It’s like filling your lungs with
Ice cold water
and feeling
the upmost heartbreak that
it screams inside your head
over and over of
how alone you
really are

We can’t actually hear
But we feel it
So vividly
So its as if
Its tearing through
your flesh
like a scalding hot bullet
so you cover your ears
Although you dont know why
It doesnt help

No one is coming
back for you.


do you ever see someone’s eyebrows and pray for their journey of self discovery and self love


playing five nights at freddy’s like




Don’t leak nudes

Leak pictures of SPIDER-MAN


Im sorry but if youre going to get your head sawed off anyway, why not just not comply. Seriously. If I were going to die because whatever reason, no way in hell am I reading anything the murderer writes for me to say regardless of concequences. Im going to die anyway. So unless there is literally a van full of white folks and food ready to take me to the airport home id be like “ill take another water boarding thx fucku” seriously im just too hateful for that shit , not gonna give my least breathe relaying your asinine version of reality.

What is love?

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"I said, I hate myself and I want to die" (8)
Hate - Cat Power